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  It's important to know where your valued donation is going...in short answer

          It's going right to the kids!!

                                        First, the quick stats..

  PTO contributes Tens of Thousands to programs each year.  Bucks for Bobcats is our major fundraiser of the year towards covering as much of that as possible.   

Without your support and this PTO funding, Tularcitos wouldn't be the same school.  It's that simple.

    let's go from biggest to smallest

Did you know..
Most schools require parents to pay for school supplies, field trips, and other expenses that PTO picks up.  We need your help!

Just some of our Field Trips...

Sutter's Fort
Yosemite Camping
Balclutha Ship Overnight
Monterey Aquarium
EarthBound Farms
Wild Things
Point Lobos
Pacific House
Carmel Beach Lagoon
Santa Lucia Preserve
CMS Habitat
Cooper Molera Custom House
Tech Museum
Seymour Marine Lab
Pfieffer State Park

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”
                   – Mark Twain



PTO is contributing about
$32 per student in school supplies.
  Remember the list of supplies we had when we were young??
            PTO is paying for it.
 School Supplies
 Field Trips       
 Art Docent
 5th Grade Overnight
 Drama/Visual Arts 
 Sutter's Fort 4th Grade Trip
 School Garden
 Administrative Costs
 Science Lab  
 Library Books/Mat    
 5th Grade Promotion
 Student Council

want to make it easy to give to this 
   great school of ours....

Donations through

Donate securely with credit cards through PayPal. 

Donate one time
- and be done!
    - No PayPal account needed

 Monthly Recurring

    - easier to handle
    - bills for 10 months then stops
    - requires PayPal account

Payment Options
Full Name of Student(s) - opt
You can also donate via check and form.  Download here Contact Us for other Arrangements!

The Tularcitos School’s PTO Tax I.D. # 77-0010111
Your donations may be tax-deductible

You can send our easy and secure method of donation to grandparents, family, businesses and friends that also want to help by clicking Recommend this page (give a few seconds)

   Tickets to go see Suessical, the play or the Hidden Valley Art Show??...PTO's covered that under Drama!


Which school dedicates a full week to the joy of reading?   Tular!


We bring the Australian animals to Carmel Valley...

  Let's keep up the good work!!



   Our Goal is Simple yet BOLD!                               
       300 Donations!
 (at $10 monthly)
                         200 families + 50 grandparents/friends + 50 businesses

   now on to the highly scientific Bobcatometer TM, Patent pending in 4 countries and Cachagua

keep in mind that some will not be able to give so a higher amount will help get us there if you are able.  Everyone knows a family member, friend, or business that can help...we can all pitch in!!

Thanks to all our parents and supporters. 
You make this school wonderful. 
With bucksforbobcats,
we can make it wonderfuller... 

Obviously, I didn't go to Tular!

  Did you know..


Recent microbes found in dirt have been shown to improve mood when people (including children) come in contact with them.  Go ahead, play in dirt!    Tular Gardens!


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